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HDPE Communication Duct


JM Eagle’s high-density polyethylene communication duct pipe is suitable for use as conduit, duct, and inner-duct with communication, CATV, and power wire and cable applications.


JM Eagle HDPE Communication Duct is the easy-to-install, high-performance solution to communications applications.

  • Lightweight and flexible, it comes in long lengths, allowing for easy and convenient installation.
  • Because of its flexible nature, it reduces the use of fittings and remains ductile at low temperatures.
  • Its longer pull lengths mean manholes can be placed farther apart, with fewer joints needed for directional drilling and plowing.
  • Its lengths allow for greater flexibility in system design, as well as the ability to follow trench contours and avoid underground obstacles.
  • It is recognized in the industry for its high stress crack resistance, a coefficient of friction 30 percent lower than PVC, and high tensile strength.
  • It is resistant to corrosive chemicals and aggressive soils and is impervious to bacteria and fungus.

Meets ASTM F2160, Non-Pressure-rated Conduit.

JM Eagle’s high-density polyethylene communication duct pipe is suitable for telecom and fiber-optic, non-pressurized or -potable applications.

JM Eagle HDPE Communication Duct is available in 3⁄4-inch to 6-inch diameters (8-inch and above available upon request), with or without pull tape, in blue, green, black, orange, white, gray, terracotta and red. It comes in continuous reels and is available with internal lubrication and as parallel reeled. It can be joined by various heat fusion methods including electrofusion, socket fusion, butt fusion and saddle fusion, as well as mechanical connections. With a COF 30 percent lower than PVC, it remains ductile at low temperatures and offers a maximum operating temperature of 90 degrees, which is compatible with the operating temperatures of the power cables.

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