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JM Eagle’s Pure-Core high-density polyethylene pipes and tubing are suitable for water service lines.


JM Eagle’s Pure-Core pipe and tubing is the superior choice for water service lines because it:

  • Does not rust, corrode or accumulate mineral deposits or chemicals.
  • Resists growth of algae, bacteria and fungi.
  • Boasts high flexibility, allowing it to be curved over, under and around obstacles for easy installation.
  • Contains a UV inhibitor for temporary storage.
  • Weighs less than copper, size for size.
  • Facilitates rapid, joint-free installation with long coil lengths.
  • Features color-coded tags for easy identification of product and pressure rating

Meets AST M D2239 and D2737, AWWA C901 and PE 4710 meeting cell class 445574E.

JM Eagle’s Pure-Core HDPE pipe is available in ¾-,1-, 1 ¼-, 1 ½- and 2-inch diameters, and comes in 100- to 500-foot coils. Produced with a blue exterior and natural interior, it meets the requirements by an increasing number of cities to color-code water lines. It connects water service main-to-meters and meter-to-house. Pure-Core is easily joined to water mains, pumps and meters using fittings specifically designed for PE pipe. Service Line SIDR 7 and SIDR 9 pipe meet the requirements of ASTM D2239 for pressure-rated pipe and AWWA C901 for pressure-class pipe. Service Line SDR 9 CTS tubing meets the requirements of ASTM D 2737 for pressure-rated pipe and AWWA C901 for pressure class pipe. SIDR 7 pipe is compatible with IPS inside diameter fittings.

Overall Pipe Type: